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Welcome to soups! A space with art, characters, and comics.

In case you're wondering, this site is run by one singular person. Calling me soups after my site/profiles is fine.

You'll mainly find interactive stories based around fantasy, action, and sci-fi themes. Interact with those (or me) at the contact page above. You'll find art that's still trying to improve, with somewhat of an experimental style, nice colours, and (hopefully) a cuteness to it. There's also my hundreds of characters, if I finish those up...

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Outlines nearly done, character page should be updated in two weeks at the latest. Comic should be out at the end of January, hopefully on the 31st since that's my birthday :>

I've deleted all the art on the art page, as I'm hoping to work on a portfolio for a University to apply to. You'll probably see more stuff in there during winter break.

A little synopsis for what's to come: I decided to fully on a comic called 'Trials of Redbanon' and halfly on a comic called 'Witches and Demons: The Raven's Revenge'. Witches and Demons is basically just a magical girl comic. The world is being taken over by darkness, and the MC is hoping to restore the light. As for Trials of Redbanon... I made a mini description.

A world of three factions- Redbanon, Lulama, and Paselei. Years ago there was a war that ended up getting anyone and anything from Redbanon banished from the over-world. Now Redbanon is staging attacks, giving those of Lulama and Paselei trials of war to defeat.

A shelter, tournament house and school lead by magi champion Valerie Entine allows you to see into the lives of our main magi- people with magical abilities who will (hopefully) fight against Redbanon.

And before you say 'but soups, how do we trust you? You've promised comics before and never did them!' THIS IS DIFFERENT! I've actually done physical background work on this one, so I have a clearer vision of what I wish to do. As well, unlike what I had for Spirit Killer, this one should be easier to make! Great for a first timer :>

So! That's it! Tally ho~


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