Welcome to the contact page!
Welcome to the contact page! Kind of like guestbook in a way, but more interactive.

Here, you can give compliments and/or critique, post something funny, try to stir up a conversation, or more importantly, interact with ongoing stories!

How story interactions work is kind of like suggestions in a way. You suggest actions for a character to take, and I may just put it in! You can also ask questions for me to put in extras or a mainpage post.

If you want a commission, request, conversation or anything else from me, be sure to add your email so I can contact you! Mine is boobli@cock.li, while my discord is Rabies#8299

Note that comments on PC don't get carried over to the mobile version of the site and vice versa.


Current Status: Closed

All taken in CAD. As of writing this, $1 CAD = $0.77 USD, £0.59 Pounds, and €0.66 Euro

Painted: $5 Coloured(full): $4.50 Lineart only: $2

Painted: $10 Coloured(full): $8 Lineart only: $6

Painted: $15 Coloured(full): $12 Lineart only: $11

Full background:
Add $3 to your commission. If all you want is a background, those cost $7(I only do painted backgrounds). Lights/lines/simple backgrounds don't add anything.
Note that adding characters/animals won't add anything to the cost.

Please tell me if you want linearted in transparent or with a white background.
Note I don't do traditional, sketch, or base-colour commissions.
Art is simply a hobby for me, thus if I don't want to do a commission, I'll tell you and not do it. This doesn't stop you from asking for something else.
I won't give the image until you pay, though don't pay until I say I'm done.