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Welcome to soups! A space with art, characters, and comics.

In case you're wondering, this site is run by one singular person. Calling me soups after my site/profiles is fine.

You'll mainly find interactive stories based around fantasy, action, and sci-fi themes. Interact with those (or me) at the contact page above. You'll find art that's still trying to improve, with somewhat of an experimental style, nice colours, and (hopefully) a cuteness to it. There's also my hundreds of characters, if I finish those up...

Links to find me are stored here!

Site is mobile friendly, though a bit different!



HOO It's been a while since I've done a news update! Here's what I'm doing and what I've done: trying out a new art style (will still keep my old one, I just wanted something more cartoony and fun now I'm starting to dislike my old one), you can see that on the art page! Quite a few arts got added there! I added some more button links, apparently people have been linking to me and I didn't even know! Thank you so much, means alot that you're willing to have a little thing of me on your site! I'm going to be writing a short story, as well as making a webcomic version of that story, as well as either doing Spirit Killer before or after that story. I've done a few OC pages, though I won't link them on the characters page quite yet, I added two blog posts, and I'll be reworking some sheps overtime.


Button links (bottom marquee) got edited a bit. Got rid of two and added five. As well, I linked my linktree in my about rather than seperate links to each site I'm on. This way I can edit what's linked across media. Last but not least, I added a full about page I may get rid of in the far future, and added a drawing to the art page.

Currently, I'm working on character descriptions + art for the character page, a webcomic (the starting page may be an animation!) as well as finishing up the site graphics (HHH). I'm thinking of redoing my persona? (HHH^2) An alien would be nice... better fitting the site theme.

That said, there may be an unexpected hiatus (HHH^3).

By the way! If I'm following you and haven't linked you, please give me your button(88 x 31, a link to it would be great) as well as site so I can! I've been looking through my following list but it seems like buttons are scarce...


About page got added, and back buttons are redesigned. Again. I like this one alot better. The about page could use some tweeking, though...


Mobile graphics are added, back buttons are redesigned. Unsure if I like the new design much.


Mobile version of the site is out, though there aren't any graphics yet. The theme is simular to the theme of the PC version, as voted by my friend.


Oh hey, it's twintail day :O

Fixed a bug where everything got more bungled based on the browsers screen size. 175% zoom on a 1920x1080 screen was the lowest it's been working on.


A contact shep has been added, as well as a mobile ban. Somehow, with a tiny, barely noticible change in CSS, I have made the mobile version of the site completely unusable. Thus, I instated a mobile ban. The ban won't be there forever, I'll just make a mobile version of the site and use it in the same way I did the ban. Bigger font, different buttons, and abosolutely no sheps will be on the mobile version. I may also use a different, lighter theme, because fuck your eyes.

Also, it's my birthday!


Maybe I'm in some sort of art block? I'm unsure- I've been pretty slow lately. In other words, I quickly whipped up two buttons in case anybody wishes to use them! Please keep in mind this site is still a WIP, though.

Left click, select "Open image in new tab" copy the link at the top of the webpage or save the image, and you have my button! Be sure to link back to me if you use it!


Ugly enough, I did two shep logos (art and characters), added rainbow comic sans marquee to the index, as well as blinkies to the index footer. Make it worse for Jesus!


Favicon has been added and sheps for each page are being coloured! Absolute unit here is the favicon, though I'm trying to fix her up so she can be seen easier...


Back buttons are finally added, and they will most definitely change in the future.


The story and character page got updated, though it doesn't work yet.


Site newly updated with a better homepage layout! Although other pages aren't put up except the art and contact page, sources say that they're in progress with a clearer idea in mind! As well, a webcomic, character sketches, and even more Sheps are being sketched out!

Someone thought I was 20 based off my voice and art- I'm reeling I'm not that good luhmow




I feel like I draw too many clothing folds compared to artists at my level- hrlrlrlrlr.


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